Why am I locked out of my Yahoo email account?

Why am I locked out of my Yahoo email account?
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  • 19 Nov, 2021

Why am I locked out of my Yahoo email account?

Yahoo offers a wide range of latest features to the users that have made it a huge client base and active users in the market. You can do everything with the help of Yahoo such as sending an email to chatting in real-time with a distant friend. Using a Yahoo account is easy and you just need to follow a few steps for it. No matter how reliable the brand name is, you can encounter some technical issue at any moment. One of such issues is how to unlock your yahoo account. To deal with such problematic situations, the best way is to connect with Yahoo customer service.

With the help of the Yahoo support team, you’ll be able to get quick help from them for precise solutions. Just make a call to the Yahoo helpdesk team and you’ll get immediate support.

Why am I locked out of my Yahoo email account?

The technical support team will help you in finding the exact solution to the locked Yahoo problems. Getting a locked account t message is frustrating especially when you are in the middle of something really important. So, let’s have a look at the reasons behind these problems and how to tackle these problems:

  • When a user is sending numerous emails exceeding the limit.
  • If someone is trying to hack or your account is having suspicious activity.
  • Make sure you’re not accessing the same account from several locations as Yahoo considers it a suspicious activity for security features.
  • When a yahoo user tries to make multiple attempts to access the account.

Other than this, your Third-party apps or software can also cause troubles if they are not authentic or licensed. You also need to check if you have the correct IMAP and POP settings.

How can I unlock my Yahoo mail account?

Now the question arises- how can I unlock my yahoo account? Yahoo has certain rules and guidelines for the security of the data of every user. Whenever Yahoo thinks that your account is having any suspicious activity then it automatically locks the account to save from hacking. To fix this problem of locking, you need to follow these quick instructions:

  • First of all, make sure to remove POP and IMAP settings.
  • Also, remove the access to all third-party apps and software.
  • In this step, try to log-in again after doing all these steps.

How do I unblock my Yahoo email account?

You can also try following these steps to unlock your Yahoo email:

  • Start the process by clicking on the “Yahoo Help Page”
  • Go to the “Account Locked” option to tap on it
  • Find then Sign-in Helper and tap on it
  • Here, you will need to enter your  Yahoo Mail Address or Phone Number
  • In the recovery mail or registered phone number, the user will get an ‘Account Key’. Enter this key and proceed.
  • Make sure to follow prompts to regain access to your locked Yahoo.

If you’re not able to fix the issue of locked Yahoo mail then you can get technical help by dialing the yahoo phone number. All that you need to do is to ask for technical help from them for accurate and easy solutions of the problem.


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