How do I get my Google account back?

How do I get my Google account back?
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  • 04 May, 2023

How do I get my Google account back?

Google is the most popular email service providers in the world. All most every social media account needs a google account to access it. If you do not remember your Gmail username and password and unable to get the verification codes the to follow the given below steps to your Google account recovery.

To recover your google account you need to enter some information like email address/ phone number/ the date on which you created your account. 

Forgot your Gmail password

Step One

If you forgot your username and remember your email address then you can easily reset your password by the given below steps:

Step Two

First, go to the website and open the Google sign in page and then click on the Need help? Option

Step Three

Enter the email address and click on the Next button

Step Four

Enter your last password if you remember and click on the Next button. If you didn’t remember the password then click on the try a different question option. A list of different questions will appear, select the questions and describe your answer as you can.

Step Five

There is another option available that may include the month and year of your created account or you can select a verification code to your recovery email address option.

Step Six

If a user has a recovery email address then with the help of a verification code you can reset your password. In case, if you don’t then Google will ask you to type an email address or phone number to send you the verification code.

Step Seven

Once you receive the verification code on your recovery email address, type it and click on the Next button.

Step Eight

A new page will appear, enter your new password and click on the changed password.

Step Nine

Your password has been changed successfully 

Recover your Google’s Username

If you forgot your username and want to recover it then try the given below steps and recover it:

Go to Google’s sign-in page and click on the Need help option

Click on the find my account option

Select on the Enter recovery phone number option or Enter a recovery email address. Type your name and click on the I am not a robot and then click on submit button

Google will then send you the email address or text message with your username


With the help of above tips and tricks users can easily recover their Google account. If still they are unable to get the proper solution then can contact us. We offer the best solution to recover the Google account in just few clicks. For more info visit our website and contact us.


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