How do I contact Facebook by phone?

How do I contact Facebook by phone?
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  • 04 May, 2023

How do I contact Facebook by phone?

Facebook has approx. 1.8 billion active users. Facebook becoming the most popular app among people. It is a social media platform and helps to connect people all over the world. Facebook also provides advertising and help to get your business to new heights in front of its real customers. Sometimes, Facebook users can face some errors or problems in their accounts. In that case, it becomes very important to get the solution of this problem with the help of Contact Facebook by phone.

Basically, there is no way to directly contact the customer support of Facebook via email or telephone. But, user can use Facebook’s built-in resources to the report or troubleshoot of your problem. There are some ways are listed below, by which a user can get a solution or connect with the Facebook.

Reporting the issue on Facebook

Open the Facebook on the web browser with the help of the website. The login window will appear and users should log in to the Facebook page automatically. If you are unable to log in automatically then enter the username and password.

Go to the news feed option and found the comments on your wall of that person who posted them. If you want to report a video or image then click on that image or video to enlarge it. To report the profile or group click on that profile or group you want to report.

Click on the … or options button and use the following options to locate the options button for the following content types:

Images: Click on the image and then click on the options button at the bottom right side of the image

Comments: Click on the three dots button from the right side

Posts: click on the three dots button on the above post

Videos: First click on the video and enlarge it, and then click on the three dots button below the right-hand side

Profiles: Click on the profile or name and then click on the button with the three dots from the upper right corner of the cover photo

Groups: Click on the group name and then click on the more option below the group profile image

Click on the Report or Give Feedback

This option depends on the content on which you want to report, but generally, it has a variation of Report or/and Gives Feedback

Select the content which goes against Facebook’s Community Standards

Click on the option and describe the content that you want to report

Follow the Instructions

The instructions will depend on the content that you want to report, Facebook will ask why you want to submit the report to Facebook, but it doesn’t ask for all type of content but Facebook does use your feedback to improve its system.


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