Guide to resolve Facebook account issue by changing the password

Guide to resolve Facebook account issue by changing the password
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  • 04 May, 2023

Guide to resolve Facebook account issue by changing the password

The problem in accessing the Facebook account is common in the current time. This happens because of the wrong password. People do not know how to change Facebook password quickly. In that situation, they face trouble and fail to manage their Facebook account. Social media account is playing a crucial role in connecting people from each other. Thus the trouble with it might create lots of issues for them. For this reason, taking the right initiatives is necessary. They must try to explore the methods that may help them to resolve their Facebook account password issues.

How to change Facebook password, this question arises when there is the requirement to change it. There are specific steps that users need to follow if they wish to change their social media account password to gain access. The loss of accessibility to the Facebook account is the most troublesome situation. It does not affect communication only but also affects from a business point of view. To run a business, people need to access many clients at a time. Thus, Facebook is the best source to achieve this motive. They can easily talk to a large number of people at a time.

Users can follow these steps to add a recovery email:

Facebook can be managed with the help of recovery email. They can add it by executing associated steps attentively. Usually, when users could not recall the password it restricts them from accessing the account. This finally leads to disconnection with people. Therefore, Facebook users need to know the techniques through which they can add the email and relevant password for the security of their account. 

  • First of all, people should follow the login process to access their Facebook account.
  • Further, they need to select the contacts which are lying in the general tab.
  • Now, they have to follow the steps to add the backup email id to accomplish the procedure.
  • Later, they have to choose the security login tab available on the left of the.
  • Now, they need to scroll down to impose strong security for their Facebook account.
  • At the last of the process, Facebook users can choose closer friends to get a platform for the recovery of their social media account.

Steps to manage the Facebook account by changing the password:

The management of Facebook incorporates many technical aspects. People need to learn the tactics to resolve the problems they experience with their Facebook account. The right initiatives can help people quickly in accessing their social media account. Facebook is the secure platform that allows users to set a password to protect their data from going into other hands. But sometimes, users could not recall their password and Facebook problems in using their Facebook account. Such condition creates problems for them. Therefore, they should follow the relevant steps that may help them to manage the issues of their Facebook account password.

  • At the beginning, of the step, users should initiate to click on the right side of the screen to access the setting option.
  • Thereafter, they will require accessing the setting and login page to manage them while process.
  • Now, they need to click on the option that they can see as edit lying beside the change password option.
  • Now, they will need to click on the save change option.

Resetting process of Facebook account password:

  • In the first step, Facebook users should access the account page.
  • Thereafter, people have to state the email id and mobile number to click on the search option
  • In the last step, they have to execute the instruction mentioned on the screen.


The technical issues might affect Facebook at any stage. The most important aspect is its, management in the right ways. Facebook users should take the above-mentioned steps into account to change the password on the requirement.


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